Friday, August 28, 2009

Omnivision Quarterly Results

Yahoo: Omnivision reported improved business results last quarter.

Revenues for last quarter were $105.6M, as compared to $89.1M in the previous quarter, and $174.3M a year ago. Based on current trends, the company expects next quarter revenues will be in the range of $155M to $170M.

Gross margin for the first quarter of fiscal 2010 was 22.4% as compared to 17.0% for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009 and 25.2% for the first quarter of fiscal 2009. The sequential increase in gross margin resulted primarily from the shipment of fresh inventory at the completion of the Company's inventory reduction effort, combined with an increase in average selling prices due to a more favorable product mix.

Seeking Alpha published Omnivisions quarterly Earnings Call transcript. Some interesting statements from it:

Bruce Wyer, VP Marketing:

"During the first quarter we extended our technology leadership position by announcing our 1.75 micron Omni BSI product family which offers a 50% improvement in low light sensitivity and double signal to noise ratio's resulting in improved color reproduction and image clarity. We are now shipping five Omni BSI products across our 1.4 micron and 1.75 micron families ranging from two megapixel to eight megapixel resolutions.

... according to TSR we have approximately 60% market share in Notebook PC, over 50% share in security and automotive markets and over 30% share in the games and toys market. We also continue to lead the mobile phone market with over 20% of CMOS image sensor shipments.


  1. The million dollar question: How competitive is OVT's BSI compared to Toshiba's 70% QE FSI?

    OVT won iPhone and iPod biz simply by being first in the market? Can they sustain that in the long run against Toshiba and ST (or even Samsung)?

  2. The rumors I've heard is that Toshiba and ST 1.4um FSI sensors are better than Omnivision's 1.4um BSI. But the market is huge, there is a place for many companies and I'm sure that Omnivision would sell many BSI sensors.

    I'm not sure that the sensors Omnivision supplies to Apple are BSI. At least the original message does not mention this.


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