Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Albert Theuwisen Reviews Year 2009

Albert Theuwissen published a review of 2009 and expectations from 2010 in Harvest Imaging blog:

"I heard from various industrial sources that CCD fabs as well as CMOS fabs are completely filled with image sensor wafers. Apparently the future for imaging looks bright.
Looking back to 2009, it was a difficult year for many of us in the imaging business.


  1. good for omnivision which has most of the business and which will be driving all other cis companies(ccd and cmos) out of business (just like it single handedly drove aptina out of business). semiwiz2002

  2. Aptina's problems are problems are from its own bad decisions, like relocating its staff and spinning off from Micron in the middle of major recession.

  3. from my point of view, the business style is totally different for these two major players. OmniVision is rather a typical chinese style company with fast reaction and agressive strategy. Aptina is ...


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