Monday, December 21, 2009

Tessera and Future Image at 6Sight Future of Imaging 2009

Below are some materials from 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference held on November 10-12, 2009 in Monterey, Calif.

Tony Henning, senior analyst from Future Image Inc., presented predictions on mobile imaging directions, including the camera-phone resolution trends:

Tessera presented its wafer level camera technology with sample pictures at 3MP resolution. The company claims that its technology is embedded in 2 out of 3 digital still cameras (I guess they mean Fotonation's image enhancing SW).

Update: The official conference web site is here. Videos of presentations and presentations in pdf form can be downloaded here.

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  1. No mention of the wafer level revolution in optics, process and modules and no mention of MEMs optics, EDoF, BSI, dynamic optics / polymer resin zoom lens technologies and handset makers have been slowing down the resolution trend lately and no mention of VoIP phones under connectivity. The res forecast seems out of touch with published roadmaps I've seen and doesn't seem to take into account advances in BSI and WLCM/process and optics. I think by 2013, 3.0 will be a long forgotten benchmark -even in emerging markets.


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