Monday, December 21, 2009

Image Sensors for Kids

Wired: Those of us who'd like to see our kids continuing our imaging carriers, should look at Bigshot educational camera kit. The kit was created by Shree Nayar and a group of undergraduate and graduate students at the Computer Vision Lab at Columbia University.

Bigshot web site has quite a complete tutorial on all aspects of image sensor operation, showing Micron's 4T-shared pixel as an example (if you move the mouse over the picture).


  1. Wow! Big kudos to Prof. Nayar for this project!

    Photography The Art + Photography The Technology = great fun learning experience that will last a lifetime.

    I.S.- If you wanted a creativity award nomination, here it is.

  2. Now we need to convince Albert Theuwissen to write "PTC for Children" and the kids can judge how well their parents do the job.

  3. At the moment my six-year-old son and three-year-old daughter think electrical engineering is about dad (me) being hunched over a laptop reading yet another patent or paper (or, er, image-sensors-world blog post :D), re-drafting my pitch for getting my imaging technology tried out by someone with a real lab (mine is a dining room table), and venting over the latest approach that got routed straight to legal for the boilerplate treatment.

    This little camera kit looks like it would put some "Gee Whiz!" factor in engineering for all three of us.


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