Thursday, December 17, 2009

Omnivision Market Shares

Thanks to R.F. for pointing me to September Omnivision shareholders presentation with TSR-based market shares:

Update: There is also TSR projection of the total CMOS sensor market growth:


  1. sounds kickas to me, Go OmniVision Technologies Inc.

    The competition is falling behind, faster then ever.

  2. I think TSR is generally reliable, but it is interesting to see which charts OVT chooses to present - this case, unit shipments. An important metric for sure, but not the whole story.

    Meanwhile I have had people from both Samsung and Aptina telling me that the market is pretty evenly divided between the 3 of them. So it would be silly to claim the competition is falling behind. But sure, every sports team has rabid fans, so why not image sensor companies?

    I also heard that the Galaxycore ASP is $0.30 and they have 40% market share and rapidly climbing in China based on iSuppli numbers. This has to have the most impact on OVT. Talk about "kickas"... Bend over OVT.

    (I don't consider the Galaxycore info as reliable at this time but where there is smoke...there is either fire or mirrors)

  3. There are also enemies of every sports team as well as image sensor companies. We definitely know who they are for OVT too don't we? LOL

  4. Galaxycore ASP is 0.30 , that maybe true. I just doubt how long this price can stand , the SMIC may support it with a silly discount wafer price. But who wants to provide the Black Friday price for a whole year long ?

  5. Eric is right. OVTI has a long history of presenting selective information to shareholders. OVTI can post unit share numbers all they want. Who cares if they're shipping the most VGA units to emerging markets and having to subsidize this busniess with higher-end modules. Not only are they only showing just unit volumes, and NOT ASPs/margins(an old Kodak tactic - when Kodak was actually loosing $$ on a number of their point and shooters in a desperate move to convince share holders) - but this data is from June, '09 which means it was probably compiled at least one month before June. This market was still working through built-up inventory at that time and this data clearly does NOT represent OVTI's BSI modules as only one was available in May '09. Further, this data does not include the latest upswing in volumes since October and is very, very conservative. There are other sources that have this market at 1.2B just on phone modules including primary and secondary module units per phone, let alone the 3 other large market sectors - not including automotive which is flat if not in a decline.

    OVTI is the share leader.....for the moment due to Nokia's 7% lose in MS (effects ST Micro) and Aptina's sudden demise and slowness to respond to the upsurge in this market. Samsung doesn't give a hoot about MS as they service their own. OVTI better watch out for Sony, the other BSI leader.

    Bottom line is who is getting the high-end business where the margins are with voice coil? That's the real market leader.

  6. A bad image went through my mind when I read Fossum telling OVT to bend over.


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