Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Rumors

The rumors below are not confirmed and should be treated as such. Although I made some efforts to cross-check some of them, it does not guarantee their validity.
  1. Tower is preparing BSI image sensor process. If successful, Tower would become the second foundry, after TSMC, offering BSI process. So far BSI access was limited to big IDMs and selected TSMC customer club. Through Tower many more companies can start talking BSI.

  2. DxO Labs is in talks to sale the company (see August Rumors). Aptina is one of the potential buyers. Google is another one. Given the difference between Aptina and Google resources, I guess it's unlikely that Aptina's bid wins.

    Now the interesting question is why Google needs DxO? My speculation is that DxO algorithms might be either integrated into Picasa or used to add nice camera features to Android platform.
  3. Meanwhile, Aptina and Finland-based Heptagon are considering a joint project on wafer-level camera development. Heptagon has close relationships with Nokia, so this project might give Aptina a leg up on winning the designs at Nokia.
  4.  Sharp is considering to switch its new CMOS sensors development to TSMC. If this happens, TSMC CIS market share would not be solely based on Omnivision's one.

  5. SETi got big design win in Samsung handsets. With this win SETi starts its market expansion beyond China.


  1. Can we expect also some New Year's rumors ? A.T.

  2. I surely hope DXO will survive.
    I think their algorithms are the best.

    Especially their NR process.

  3. remember this is a "blog" and these are "rumors"..... tower and tsmc in the same sentence.. ahem..

  4. Will be sad if Google gets hold of DXO, just like when Adobe swalled RawShooter.

  5. Sorry should have been Swallowed RawSHooter.


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