Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Adimec Machine Vision Blog

Adimec blog on machine vision topics occasionally has image sensor articles, like CCD to CMOS comparison for machine vision cameras. One can see that vision applications are still using relatively large proportion of CCDs:


  1. The article may be a little optimistic with CMOS Image Sensor technology

    The article says
    "Sensors are being produced using the same process as microprocessors and memory chips."

    But Sensors are mainly produce in CIS technology which is not the same as microprocessors ?
    And CIS technology is not so cheap.
    And CCD still have advantages over CIS techno as sensitivity and very low Idark ?

  2. Off topic, except as it relates to high performance image sensors -
    rumor has it that the TI Impactron line is being discontinued. This seems odd in the face of the big success of EMCCD in biotech and medical apps.

    Can anybody confirm or deny the rumor?


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