Monday, April 11, 2011

Sony ClearVid Lands in Digital Cinema Cameras

Film and Digital Times: Sony new 8K digital cinema cameras are going to use diagonal Bayer pixel arrangement, formerly known as ClearVid in consumer camcorders. The newly announced Super35-format F65 camera is reported to have that 45% angled CFA:

The new F65 sensor is reported to have 20MP resolution and send 16-bit raw data at speed of 20Gbps. The optical array area is 24.7 x 13.1 mm, diagonal is 28 mm.

The sensor is manufactured at Sony Kumamoto Technology Center, 300mm wafer line. The processing time is reported to be "up to 90 days".

Another Sony-Pro announcement is a stereo 3-CMOS sensors shoulder camcorder PMW-TD300. 6 half-inch sensors per camcorder - this market is starting to look more interesting!

Update: DCinema Today published the Sony's F65 sensor PR saying that the 20MP sensor can run at 120fps speed.

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  1. Likely related to this:

    I don't think its "Clearvid" as Sony, more like "Q67+" (but it isn't "67" as this sensor is a full 20MP).

    And the fact that 16-bit RAW is 4k coming off the ADC means that this camera doesn't do debayering as color information is already constructed coming off the ADC.

    Probably has something to do with the quote "convert multiple pixels into signals simultaneously" from the Sony sensor shown last month:


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