Friday, April 15, 2011

Canon Applies for Patent on Two-Row Parallel Output Pixel Layout

I do not believe this patent will ever be granted. Canon US20110080492 application talks about pixel layout allowing two rows to be read out simultaneously through two parallel column output lines. The idea to speed out pixel array with parallel outputs is now new, so it looks like Canon is trying to patent a specific layout implementation of it. Few layout versions are given, here is one of them:


  1. Alexima was awarded US patent 7,488,928 in Feb. 2009 for Image sensor... with multiple readout lines per column of pixel circuits.
    Sony also has a patent with at least two column readout lines/ column.
    So, indeed, Canon can make a difference only claiming a particular layout of particular 4T pixel. They may also claim they did something different regarding row controls for this architecture...
    -alex krymski

  2. Well, they did not claim that so far. The application is easily found either thru Google patents or the USPTO site. Maybe the claims with the complementary CFA will not have been claimed before. There is also some tricky wording about "shortest distance" and "twisted structure". This may also pass the examiner.

    After spending money to file an application, I am sure the attorneys for Canon will get some claims allowed, eventually. Maybe they should offer to pay AK and VK for the helpful hints above?


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