Monday, April 04, 2011

Anteryon Wafer Level Optics Presentation

Anteryon presented its wafer level optics solutions at Fotonica Evenement 2011 on March 30. The slides from "WaferOptics Mass Volume Production & Reliability" presentation speak for themselves:

Update: Anteryon asked me to remove the slides for two reasons:

  1. The slides contain some internal information that the company prefers not to see in public access
  2. The subset of slides I've happened to chose from the presentation seems to misrepresent the company's work.

Anterion may opt to send me other slides which the company feels more comfortable to publish.


  1. The link is broken. Could you post all slides? This is very interesting!

  2. The link worked yesterday. If you send me a private mail, I'll send you the presentation.

  3. Sorry, at Anteryon's request I can not distribute the presentation.



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