Tuesday, April 05, 2011

IISW 2011 Announcement

The Co-Chairmen of the 2011 IISW have determined that the workshop will continue in Hokkaido Japan as planned. All indicators at the conference site are 100% normal. Participants can fly to Hokkaido via South Korea or western Japan.

Cancellation policies are being adjusted and participants will receive email from the conference organizers in Japan soon discussing this and other details. Presenters that are unable to come to Hokkaido in person will be allowed to submit their paper and possibly present their work by voice or video. Based on a survey of participants, we expect about 20-25% of the original participants to be impacted. Samsung Electronics graciously made back up arrangements in South Korea for the 2011 IISW but the survey found that this only reduced the participation impact by about 50%. While the situation for the 2011 IISW is not ideal, we hope the community will forgive any inconvenience and recognize that it pales in comparison to the situation faced by hundreds of thousands of Japanese people.


Eric R. Fossum
President, ImageSensors Inc.
A California Non-Profit Public-Benefit Corporation

for the 2011 IISW Organizing Committee


  1. Is this the final decision? Or we should wait for a confirmation email by the organizers before asking for a Visa?

  2. This is notice of the official decision. It is the final decision "at this time". Of course no one can predict the future so the decision can change if something else big happens. But, let's hope not!

    All accepted pre-registrants will receive a Paypal notice for registration payment soon.


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