Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hynix Update: 1.4um, 1.1um Pixel Sampling

March Hynix Newsletter reveals recent Hynix advances in small pixel design: 2.0um and 1.75um pixels are in mass production now, 1.4um is at customer samples stage, 1.1um is to reach engineering sampling phase in April:

The full sensor line-up is shown in the new Q2 2011 Hynix catalog. Hynix says it aims to capture 20% of CIS market by leveraging its manufacturing strength in memory and a customer support system for the China market.


  1. Where did you find product release schedule of 1.1um Pixel?

  2. If optical format of 5M (Hi-542) is 1/5 inch, i think pixel size is 1.1um. If pixel size is 1.4um, 5M optical format is 1/4 inch.

  3. I'm not sure I'd be proud of those images. They're very overexposed and much details are saturated. All they say is the imager can image color (no surprise) and either the AE or full well capacity isn't what it should be.

    That said, making a 1.1um pixel isn't easy. Still, there's lots of big competition around that have shown much nicer images.


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