Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ST Imaging Presentation

STMicroelectronics NV 2012 Investors & Analysts Day on May 23, 2012 has a part presenting its imaging business status:

Imaging Strategy: Diversification…

Deploy products diversification and innovation across various segments and lead new applications

  • Proximity sensors
  • Man machine interface, gesture recognition
  • Automotive, gaming, medical, security
  • Partnership with leaders in defined segments

Support diversified business models

  • Image sensors, sensors, modules, ISPs, wafers

Expand on higher value segments in mobile imaging products

  • New Products expansion: new moving optics camera / BSI image sensors & modules / Prime camera & video modules / Generic, Customer Driven ISP’s
  • Extending Customer Base

Recent Achievements:

Mobile Phone

  • Design win and production volumes of a new improved low light sensor in some Windows smart-phones. Phones shipping on the market now.
  • Design win and production volumes of a new ISP for an Android smart-phone market leader, several phone models shipping on the market now.
  • 3rd generation of fully integrated (ISP + image sensor), camera module in customer ramp-up. Smart phones available now.
  • 4th generation of reflowable camera module, with enhanced image quality in customer ramp-up

New applications

  • Security: Design win / business award at a leading security camera manufacturer
  • Medical: Business award of a new generation of CMOS X-Ray sensors for medical applications with a leader in the industry
  • Digital still camera: Design win, business award in samples stage of a high performance large image sensor for a leading brand
  • Proximity sensor: Technology hitting the market. Excellent customer feed-back based on proprietary time of flight technology
  • Automotive: Won major safety system camera and processor for a key European Tier 1 and OEM


  1. There is a french article about ST which said that the new large Cmos sensor will be manufactured for Leica :

    L'aventure photo se poursuivra sans doute sur la Photokina : "un constructeur allemand de renom", Leica, devrait y annoncer un nouveau reflex – moyen format ? – équipé d'un capteur géant, CMOS, signé ST. À suivre......"

    Auto-translate :

    The adventure picture is likely to continue on Photokina: "a renowned German manufacturer", Leica, is expected to announce a new SLR camera - medium format? - With a giant sensor, CMOS, signed ST. To be continued ...... "

  2. Who made the design ? Is this done by ST or someone else ?

  3. ^^ Quelqu'un d'autre

  4. What is the difference between Canon, Sony, Panasonic, etc and Leica except the price ??

  5. Maybe, flexibility.


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