Friday, June 15, 2012

Nokia Acquires Scalado Assets

Nokia continues to invest in its imaging technologies and announces its intention "to acquire world-class imaging specialists as well as all technologies and intellectual property from Scalado AB".

"Nokia has been working with Scalado for more than ten years and they've contributed to many of our leading imaging applications," said Jo Harlow, executive vice president, Smart Devices at Nokia. "This transaction would enable us to combine our leadership in camera devices with their expertise in imaging, helping people move beyond taking pictures to capturing moments and emotions and then reliving them in many different ways." A Youtube video below demos Scalado Rewind, one of these many ways:

Recently announced Scalado Photobeamer allows instant viewing of photos by pointing the iPhone on any screen displaying site, without any needs for pre-configurations or pre-registrations:

The acquisition is expected to close during the third quarter of 2012. The terms of the acquisition are confidential.

Founded in 2000 in Lund, Sweden, Scalado has more than 50 patent and patent pending technologies. Scalado technologies are in over 1 billion mobile devices, a figure growing with over 500 million each year. The company already licenses its solutions to the top five tier 1 mobile phone manufacturers, top 10 ISP/Sensor companies, and most leading platform providers. Customers/partners include Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, LGE, Samsung, NEC, Aptina, OmniVision, Fujitsu, Renesas, Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Via Imaging Resource.


  1. Sort of ironic that a Lund company is bought by Nokia instead of Sony Ericsson!

  2. and working for Apple :)

  3. They have NOT bought Scalado, instead they're taking 50-60 people and their IP.

    From Engadget:

    "Nokia is not acquiring Scalado AB, which will continue to exist. All present customer agreements and obligations will remain with Scalado AB. The main task of Scalado AB will be to continue to work with its customers honoring existing delivery and support obligations and fulfilling any and all obligations in relation to its existing customers. It will not be seeking new work with existing or new customers.

    What Nokia is acquiring is all of Scalado's technologies and IP, along with 50-60 talented mobile imaging specialists from Scalado; they'll remain in Lund which will become a key site for us in mobile imaging, alongside Espoo and Tampere in Finland. This will enable Nokia to expand beyond capturing just images to capturing moments and emotions that can be relived in many different ways. We look forward to welcoming the team to Nokia when the transaction closes, expected in Q3."

    1. Thanks, I've changed the title. The text in the posts states it correctly though.


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