Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CMOSIS Announces 20MP/30fps Full Frame Global Shutter Sensor

EE Journal: CMOSIS announces a 20MP global shutter sensor for industrial applications. The new CMV20000 sensor features 5,120 x 3,840 resolution with 6.4 um sized pixels resulting in an active sensor area of 32.8 x 24.6 mm (35 mm film optical format). Its peak QE is more than 45%, responsivity is 8.29 V/lux.s, and DR is 66 dB. The 8T pixel is said to reduce dark noise and FPN of the sensor.

At full 20MP resolution and with a 12-bit ADC resolution the CMV20000 delivers 30 fps. This is achieved by using 16 LVDS outputs running at 480 Mbit/s each. At full resolution and frame rate, the power dissipation is 1.1W. This power consumption can be dynamically controlled when lower frame rates are used.

Driving and programming the on-chip features such as HDR modes, offset and gain programming and power dissipation control is done over a 3-wire read-write SPI control.

The monochrome variant of the CMV20000 sensor is in production today. A color variant, with RGB Bayer CFA filter, will be introduced to the market in Q4 2012. It is housed in a ceramic 143-pin PGA package and can be operated in the -20 to +70 ºC temperature range.

The CMV20000 was originally developed as a customized, exclusive product aimed at complex traffic management applications. An agreement with the original customer allows CMOSIS to offer this imager to third parties for applications outside the traffic field.


  1. Expect another announcement ->!/CMOSISsensors

  2. smart radar in swissland?

  3. Read noise? Shutter efficiency?

  4. Read Noise: 8e- RMS, Full Well: 15 ke-
    Shutter effciency: ≥ 99,998% or PLS of 0,002%


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