Thursday, June 07, 2012

Sensor for Indoor Optical LAN

Intech open book "Advanced Wireless LAN" has a chapter on "Custom CMOS Image Sensor with Multi-Channel High-Speed Readout Dedicated to WDM-SDM Indoor Optical Wireless LAN" by Keiichiro Kagawa, Shizuoka University:

SDM-WDM indoor optical wireless LAN using dedicated CMOS image sensors.

The prototype sensor is made in 0.35um process and has resolution of 64 x 64 100um pixels. A per-pixel bandwidth is 7.9MHz (simulation). The prototype system achieved speed of 10Mbps. The next generation sensor in 0.18um process is planned to have 180x84 pixels providing >1Gbps speed in the system.

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  1. IBM has studied such system long time ago and there were some recherche/prototyping in USA. A Israel company commercialized such product by using discret photodiodes 10 years ago. SONY has published a such system with 1D sensor in IEEE consumer electronics, the device has smart source tracking function. No these works have been cited in this paper. Please check ...


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