Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LG Cooperates with Microsoft on Gesture Recognition

I missed this news from three weeks ago that Microsoft and LG CNC are to jointly develop “Gesture Recognition-based” solutions.

On May 22, LG CNS CEO Daehoon Kim had a meeting with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Tracey Fellows, VP of the Asia Pacific Region for Microsoft, and MS Korea CEO James Kim at COEX Inter-Continental Hotel in Seoul, Korea. The top management of the two companies held discussions on entry into the global market through joint development of "gesture recognition-based solutions".

LG CNS is to develop solutions with new NUI technology by Microsoft in the fields of smart media and smart factory. For instance, NUI can be used to control TV via voice and gestures and receive content and ad service tailored to your viewing pattern.

From right to left: LG CNS CEO Daehoon Kim, MS CEO
Steve Ballmer, and MS Korea CEO James Kim.

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