Monday, July 22, 2013

First Imaging Forum Opens Registration

Albert Theuwissen announces that the first imaging forum will focus on "ADCs for Image Sensors" to be held on Dec. 16-17, 2013, in Delft, the Netherlands. The agenda is fixed, and registration for the forum is open.

The basic intention of a forum is to have a scientific and technical in-depth discussion on one particular topic. The audience will be strictly limited to enhance and stimulate the interaction with the speaker(s) as well as to allow close contacts between the participants. The forum is intended for imaging engineers working on systems or projects in which analog-to-digital converters determine (part of) the sensor/camera performance.

The lecturer is Prof. Marcel Pelgrom, known to every analog designer by his classical works on MOSFET mismatch in Philips. For the last 20 years everybody uses his model in Monte-Carlo simulations integrated into all major circuit simulators.

Because of the great response on the first announcement, a second session of the forum is scheduled to take place on Dec. 19-20, 2013. Same location, same agenda, same speaker.

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