Monday, July 29, 2013

Geo Semi Announces Geometric Processing Engine

Geo Semiconductor announces the GW3300 and GW3400 programmable geometric processors. The GW3300 integrates fully programmable geometry processing engine can correct for complex lens distortion, perspective and rotational misalignment, as well as brightness nonuniformity in real time with as low as 1/6 frame of latency. The GW3400 integrates the above GW3300 features with an Apical ISP with HDR. The Apical ISP applies different processing to each pixel of each video frame to pull out hidden detail in shadows and highlights while preserving colors, local contrast and natural appearance. The ISP also has support for HDR sensors.

The eWARP features include pincushion/barrel distortion correction, keystone correction, rotational misalignment correction, stitching of multiple cameras, stitching of multiple projectors, digital calibration, custom lens design, and ePTZ (electronic Pan, Tilt, and Zoom). Data is processed with 1/32 pixel accuracy for:
  • Precise convergence, alignment, and stitching of cameras and projectors
  • Precise correction of lens distortion, including ultra wide angle lenses
  • Supporting custom and tailored innovative lens designs
  • Factory, field, and self-calibration
Feature Summary:
  • 190° WFOV Fisheye Lens image restoration with increased resolution and Zero Content Loss
  • 533MHz DDR3 SDRAM supporting high resolutions
  • Projection distortion correction
  • Electronic Pan / Tilt / Zoom
  • 16b pipeline in HDR/WDR ISP
  • Supports resolutions from 720x480 up to 4kx4k
  • 360 degree rotation correction

GW3400 Block Diagram

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