Friday, July 26, 2013

Samsung Starts Mass Production of 13MP, 1.1um Pixel Sensor for Galaxy S4, Note III

Korea IT Times reports that Samsung System LSI Division has launched a mass production of 13MP image sensor for smartphones this May. The newspaper's source said, "Samsung Electronics’ mobile communications division is planning to order 80-90 million CISs for 13 megapixel camera modules this year." Up to recently, the main supplier of sensors in this category was Sony. Now, Samsung LSI joins it too.

Apparently, the article is talking about S5K3L2 sensor, which is still marked as sampling at Samsung web site. The newspaper says that the noise and color have been improved over the previous generation 1.1um sensor, possibly talking about the announced in 2011 S5K3L1Y.

Samsung Q2 2013 earnings report forecasts strong growth in sales of high resolution image sensors:

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