Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rambus Expands Imaging Product Offerings

It looks like Rambus' Binary Pixel was just the beginning of the company's push into imaging business. The firm keeps investing and expanding its imaging portfolio. Business Wire: In June 2013 Rambus presented two papers at the 2013 Computational Sensing and Imaging Meeting:

"Lensless Ultra-Miniature Imagers Using Odd-Symmetry Spiral Phase Gratings"
Patrick R. Gill and David G. Stork

Drs. Gill and Stork introduce a new type of diffractive element based on odd-symmetry phase gratings. Spiral arrangements of these gratings over photo sensors constitute a new class of unprecedentedly small computational camera.

"Transmissive Structured Illumination Reveals Target Depth and Cast Shadow Details Obscured by Scattering Media"
Avinash Kumar, Patrick R. Gill, Thomas Vogelsang, and David G. Stork

During this presentation, Rambus engineers will describe novel methods of computing sharp shadows and depth estimates of objects immersed in highly scattering media using multi-scale structured transmissive illumination, such as modified Hadamard tiles.

On July 16, 2013, the company presented a paper "Digital Camera Sensor Technology" at OSA Optical Sensors Congress:

Rambus scientists Dr. Patrick Gill and Dr. David Stork will highlight their research on digital sensors and novel odd-symmetry phase gratings, outlining how severely blurred sensed image can be inverted computationally to refocus and estimate target distances.

Seeking Alpha published Rambus Q2 Earnings Call transcript with Ron Black, CEO, saying"

"At the International Image Sensor Workshop we presented silicon test results of our binary pixel technology we introduced earlier this year where we've expanded the dynamic range by a remarkable factor of 14 when compared to conventional image sensor. And at the Computational Sensing and Imaging Meeting we discussed some early work on our Lensless Ultra-Miniature Images which we believe will lead to significant improvements in imaging and sensing across various fields such as medicine, defense, industrial inspection and testing. We have a lot of exciting developments underway in this group, particularly related to the [in and out of] things and we look forward to sharing more in the coming months."

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