Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Curiosity-Controlled Camera Proposed

Tech-On: Dentsu ScienceJam developed a wearable camera that automatically takes a short video when the wearer becomes curious about something. The camera, named "neurocam," has a "brain wave sensor" by NeuroSky Inc. And based on the brain activity measurement, the value of an index called "Curiosity Degree" is calculated. When the value exceeds a certain threshold, the camera automatically starts shooting a five-second video (GIF animation) and saves it.

Neurocam by Densu ScienceJam
NeuroSky's Brainwave sensor


  1. Man: boobs close ups
    Woman: boots close ups

  2. Pupil tracking or gaze as estimated by an IMU would probably suffice as a proxy for interest and avoid a false positive where you're thinking about something while looking at something else

  3. I'm not too sure this is a good idea. I doubt many people's significant others will be impressed with the video clips. On the other hand, I'm sure all the advertising company executives would give their left arms to see the clips.


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