Friday, October 11, 2013

Samsung Invests in Structured Light 3D Imager Startup

Haaretz: Samsung invests an undisclosed amount in Mantis Vision, an Israeli startup developing structured light 3D cameras. The older product of the company is shown in this Youtube video:

Update: reports that Samsung's new investment fund is expected to invest in activities that touch on those of Samsung R&D center in Israel, which deals with the development of mobile hardware technology and hardware components for cameras.


  1. What happened to Samsung's TOF group? I am hearing rumors that they are shutting it down.

  2. I don't believe that ToF is a priority for Samsung right now. Probably they have their hands full with existing high volume product lines.

    Anyway, Samsung venture guys are pretty independent, I think.

  3. Yes they are. Doing a lot of research through top 4 consulting management firms and doing a lot of prognosticating 3-5 years out.


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