Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sharp Announces New CCDs for Security and Automotive Applications

Sharp announces 8 new progressive scan CCDs in its iSHartina family:

RJ31N3AA0DT: 1/1.8-inch 2MP Color CCD (25fps @60MHz)
RJ31N3AD0DT: 1/1.8-inch 2MP Color CCD (50fps @65MHz)
RJ31N4AA0DT: 1/1.8-inch 2MP B/W CCD (25fps @60MHz)
RJ31N4AD0DT: 1/1.8-inch 2MP B/W CCD (50fps @65MHz)
RJ32S3AA0DT: 2/3-inch 5MP Color CCD (9fps @60MHz)
RJ32S3AD0DT: 2/3-inch 5MP Color CCD (15fps @60MHz)
RJ32S4AA0DT: 2/3-inch 5MP B/W CCD (9fps @60MHz)
RJ32S4AD0DT: 2/3-type 5MP B/W CCD (15fps @60MHz)

1 comment:

  1. what kind of applications in automotive need 2MP and 5MP resolutions?


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