Saturday, October 05, 2013

Samsung Develops 13MP Camera Module with OIS

Tech-On reports that Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed a 13MP camera module for smartphones featuring optical image stabilization. The OIS can correct angular errors up to 1.5deg. This is said to be better than digital cameras on the market usually correcting 0.7deg (Actually, best digital cameras correct up to 2-2.5deg - ISW).

The dimensions of the module are 10.5 x 10.5 x 5.9mm, similar the company's existing camera modules for smartphones. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is sampling of the camera module and negotiating with smartphone makers. The company plans to begin volume production in 1H 2014.


  1. I wonder where the "current market" figure of 0.7degree is coming from, the latest products I checked are on at least 1 degree now (i.e. the Sony/LG module used in LG G2...)

  2. engadget and cnet said the camera reportedly takes low light shots that are eight times brighter than its predecessor. Is this possible? Which predecessor is Samsung talking about?

    1. They probably mean that OIS can give 8x longer exposure time with no blur, thus the image is 8x brighter.

  3. Yes. That's what they mean but in reality its nonsense. OIS only takes care if hand vibration during exposures. The real problem is moving objects like people. Having long exposure only make things worse. The majority of the people don't take landscape images but rather images of people and occasions. OIS will not help there at all.


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