Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Silicon File and Dual Aperture to Cooperate on 3D Gesture Tracking Sensor

PRNewswire: Silicon File announces its collaboration with Dual Aperture, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup, to build a new type of CMOS image sensor that can take sharp pictures, significantly reduce noise, and capture real-time distance information. Furthermore, all of this is possible while utilizing a single, low-power, small form factor sensor instead of stereoscopic sensors, a common feature of most 3D cameras in the marketplace today.

Dual Aperture's image sensor technology relies on 4-color sensor design. The 4-color sensor is comprised of RGB and IR pixels, instead of the traditional Bayer pattern. The sensor uses two separate apertures, one for the RGB spectrum and the other for the IR spectrum, to simultaneously capture two distinct images with different sharpness levels.

Silicon File Technologies will incorporate Dual Aperture's 4-color sensor technology, related image processing algorithms, and various application software into their sensors and sensor module products. These technologies will enable the following features:

  • Reconstruction of color imaging from a 4-color pattern sensor
  • Noise reduction and image sharpening
  • Accurate depth estimation of objects captured in real-time
  • Real-time touch refocusing of pictures
  • Real-time 3D image pair generation
  • Accurate gesture tracking using a low-power, single sensor

"Dual Aperture's technology will enable new dimensions in photography with a multi-purpose camera that uses a low cost, low power, single CMOS image sensor," says Do Young Lee, CEO of Silicon File. "We are thrilled to be the first to partner with Dual Aperture in the growing market that Dual Aperture's 4-color sensor technology has created."
David D. Lee, CEO of Dual Aperture also adds that "Dual Aperture is looking forward to working closely with Silicon File Technologies to develop commercial products targeted for various platforms based on our new ideas and Silicon Files' strong design capabilities. Because of its small form factor and low power usage, Dual Aperture's 4-color sensor technology can be used in a variety of consumer devices, including smart phones, tablets, PCs, TVs and automobile applications."

Under the agreement, Silicon File and DA will work closely together to equip other camera OEMs with new multifunctional cameras. Silicon File will also manufacture and market 4-color sensors and camera modules integrated with new features enabled by DA algorithms.

Dual Aperture apparently does not have a web site. So far USPTO published two Dual Aperture's patent applications, while WIPO lists 7 applications filed in different countries.

Application US20130033579 named "Processing Multi-Aperture Image Data" shows details of the company's technology. The 3D depth imaging part of it is explained below:


  1. The patents in Googles collection too


    For those that prefer Google's much nicer formatting (and PDF downloads).

  2. Unnecessary complexity. 2x1 Bayer and monochrome achieves superior capture, low light and color accuracy over dual aperture's solution.


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