Saturday, March 12, 2016

EMCCD Low Light Surveillance by ON Semi

EE Journal publishes ON Semi Michael DeLuca Youtube interview on EMCCD low light imaging for surveillance:


  1. When are Onsemi EMCCDs going to be integrated into cameras? How much will these cost? Will it have cooling and sub electron read and dark noise? It all looks great, but Onsemi has been talking about their EMCCD technology for several years but no real information for a general low light imaging user.

  2. Kodak, as usual for a long time in labor. By the time they have all appeared EMCCD (about which I had heard from 2011-12) appeared in many CMOS sensors, the multiplier will be able to compete with him, will be much cheaper. Best e2v EMCCD is doing, and that Gsense400BSI competes with him... Time will tell, but I think EMCCD from Kodak "stillborn"


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