Monday, March 12, 2018

3DInCites Awards

Phil Garrou's IFTLE 374 reviews 3DInCites Award winners. Two of them are related to image sensors:

Device of the Year: OS05A20 Image Sensor with Nyxel Technology, OmniVision:

"OmniVision’s OS05A20 Image Sensor was nominated for being the first of its image sensors to be built with Nyxel ™ Technology. This approach to near-infrared (NIR) imaging combines thick-silicon pixel architectures with careful management of wafer surface texture to improve quantum efficiency (QE), and extended deep trench isolation to help retain modulation transfer function without affecting the sensor’s dark current. As a result, this image sensor sees better and farther under low- and no-light conditions than previous generations."

Engineer of the Year: Gill Fountain, Xperi:

"Known as Xperi’s guru on Ziptronix’ technologies, Gill was nominated for his most recent contribution, expanding the chemical mechanical polishing process window for Cu damascene from relatively fine features. His team developed a process that delivers uniform, smooth Cu/Ta/Oxide surfaces with a controlled Cu recess with very small variance across wafer sizes. He has been an integral part of Xperi’s technical team and his work allows the electronics industry to apply direct bond interconnect (DBI) for high-volume wafer-to-wafer applications."

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