Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ambarella Announces 2nd Gen CV Processor

BusinessWire: Ambarella introduces the CV2 camera SoC combining advanced computer vision, image processing, 4Kp60 video encoding, and stereovision in a single chip. CV2 targets advanced automotive, IP security, drone, and robotic applications, delivering up to 20 times the deep neural network performance of Ambarella’s first generation CV1 chip. Fabricated in 10nm process, CV2 offers extremely low power consumption.

With CV2 we have dramatically increased our computer vision performance and combined it with full SoC functionality,” said Fermi Wang, CEO of Ambarella. “As the highest performance member of our new CVflow family, CV2 delivers both the deep neural network and stereovision processing required for the most advanced automotive and security cameras.

CV2 Computer Vision SoC Features:

  • CVflow processor with CNN/deep learning support
  • 4Kp60/8MP AVC and HEVC encoding with multi-stream support
  • Multi-sensor support for 3-channel electronic mirror and 4-channel AVM systems, multi-channel stereo sensing systems (up to 4 stereo pairs), and multi-imager IP cameras
  • Quad-core 1.2-GHz ARM Cortex A53 with NEON DSP extensions and FPU
  • Real-time hardware-accelerated 360-degree de-warping and Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) engine
  • Multi-channel ISP with up to 800 MP/s input pixel rate
  • Multi-exposure HDR and WDR processing
  • LED flicker mitigation


  1. Typo in 1st word of the title.

  2. ASIC based solution will have little capability to exploit multiple sensor computer vision algorithms. Unless it has tremendous memory bandwidth and the right memory architecture. These guys are pretty experienced, so I'd suspect they'll get it somewhat right, but doubt it will provide the RoI compared to more general CPU/GPU smartphone type of processors.


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