Thursday, March 15, 2018

Rumor: Mantis Vision 3D Camera to Appear in Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone

Korean newspaper The Investor quotes local media reports that Mantis Vision and camera module maker Namuga are developing 3-D sensing camera for Samsung next-generation Galaxy S smartphones, tentatively called the Galaxy S10. Namuga is also providing 3-D sensing modules for Intel’s RealSense AR cameras.


  1. korean news always claim world using its products, From my knowledge, this is not the provider for intel. They also said google glass was using Samsung's projector, but it is Himax at that time. I suspect they do some stock trading and released faked news.

  2. Namuga absolutely provided 3D modules for Intel RealSense - they got connected when Namuga was the ODM for Creative for the original Intel Perceptual Computing. Don't know one way or the other about Mantis.

  3. Mantis is so far away from Apple's Primesense, when Primesense was lil ole Primesense for Microsoft Kinect. By now, I would believe with Apple's largesse, Primesense team has evolved their algoritms, projector and calibration/manufacturing to well beyond what Sammie can accomplish, despite all their intense reverse engineering efforts.


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