Thursday, March 01, 2018

Renesas Announces Automotive Stereo Image Processor

BusinessWire: Renesas announced the R-Car V3H SoC for computer vision and AI processing at industry-leading low power levels, targeting automotive front cameras for use in mass-produced Level 3 (conditional automation) and Level 4 (high automation) autonomous vehicles. The new SoC is optimized for use in stereo front cameras and achieves five times the computer vision performance of its predecessor, the R-Car V3M SoC.

The R-Car V3H algorithms include Dense Optical Flow, Dense Stereo Disparity, and Object Classification. The integrated IP for CNN accelerates deep learning at industry-leading low power levels of only 0.3 watts, achieving more than two times of the deep neural network performance of the R-Car V3M.

Samples of the R-Car V3H SoC will be available from Q4. Mass production is scheduled to begin in Q3, 2019.


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