Monday, March 12, 2018

ON Semi Announces X-Class CMOS Image Sensor Platform

BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor announces X-Class image sensor platform, which allows a single camera design supporting multiple sensors across the platform. The first devices in the new platform are the 12MP XGS 12000 and 4k / UHD resolution XGS 8000 sensors for machine vision, intelligent transportation systems, and broadcast imaging applications.

The X-Class image sensor platform supports multiple CMOS pixel architectures within the same image sensor frame. This allows a single camera design to support multiple product resolutions and different pixel functionality, such as larger pixels that trade resolution at a given optical format for higher imaging sensitivity, designs optimized for low noise operation to increase DR, and more. By supporting these different pixel architectures through a common high bandwidth, low power interface, camera manufacturers can leverage existing parts inventory and accelerate time to market for new camera designs.

The initial devices in the X-Class family, the XGS 12000 and XGS 8000, are based on the first pixel architecture to be deployed in this platform – a 3.2 µm global shutter CMOS pixel. The XGS 12000 12 MP device is planned to be available in two speed grades – one that fully utilizes 10GigE interfaces by providing full resolution speeds up to 90 fps, and a lower price version providing 27 fps at full resolution that aligns with the bandwidth available from USB 3.0 computer interfaces. The XGS 8000 is also planned to be available in two speed grades (130 and 75 fps) for broadcast applications.

As the needs of industrial imaging applications such as machine vision inspection and industrial automation continue to advance, the design and performance of the image sensors targeting this growing market must continue to evolve,” said Herb Erhardt, VP and GM, Industrial Solutions Division, Image Sensor Group at ON Semiconductor. “With the X-Class platform and devices based on the new XGS pixel, end users have access to the performance and imaging capabilities they need for these applications, while camera manufacturers have the flexibility they require to develop next-generation camera designs for their customers both today and in the future.

The XGS 12000 and XGS 8000 will begin sampling in the 2Q2018, with production availability scheduled for the 3Q2018. Additional devices based on the 3.2 µm XGS pixel as well as products based on other pixel architectures are planned for the X-Class family in the future.

: ON Semiconductor also announces a fully AEC-Q100 qualified version of its circa-2016 2.1 MP CMOS sensor, AR0237 for the OEM-fitted dash cam or before-market in-car DVR market.

The AR0237AT is a cost-optimized, automotive qualified version of the same sensor that can operate across the full automotive operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C and deliver the right performance at the right price point. The low-light performance of the AR0237AT is improved when it is coupled to a Clarity+ enabled DVR processor. ON Semiconductor’s Clarity+ technology employs filtering to optimize the SNR of automotive imaging solutions, which can deliver an additional 2X increase in light capture.

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