Friday, March 30, 2018

Corephotonics on Triple Cameras

EETimes publishes Corephotonics article "Triple Cameras: Are Three Better Than Two?" by Gil Abraham. Few quotes:

"In this article, we will discuss some motivations for adding a third camera to the smartphone imaging complex, the challenges it brings and some possible solutions.

...This first phase of dual cameras continued until mid-2016, while various OEMs were testing dual camera technologies in some of their flagship smartphones, using different dual camera setups, including depth-only, RGB-Mono and Wide-and-Wider duos. There was still no "killer camera app" identified, nor a winning dual camera configuration.

...Apple managed to shine the spotlight on a specific dual camera configuration, Wide+Tele, as the premium camera setup.

...the addition of that third camera carries significant challenges (and rewards), while opening up a wide array of possibilities and configurations for smartphone manufacturers.

Challenge 1: “Real-estate” & Cost

The added cost of the third camera directly depends on the camera configuration, as explained later in this article, and could be anywhere between $10 to $30.

Challenge 2: Calibration

In case all three cameras need to be perfectly calibrated one with respect to the others, the camera assembly process must be carefully designed, and the expected yield would be lower. In turn, these have direct effect on the total camera cost.


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