Thursday, March 08, 2018

Image Sensor Performance Improvements over Time

Multianalytics Blog publishes nice videos of image sensor performance progress over the years:


  1. I am a bit skeptical about thes reaults. Based on dpreview benchmarks of most of these cameras, I am doubtful about Olympus m1 mkII having the highest QE.
    Is there more details on how this data was acquired ?

    1. QE is one number. The Andor iXon Ultra 897 EMCCD o®ers the highest QE (95%), the lowest read noise (< 1e) and thus provides the best detectability.

      This video is one of several, on his YouTube channel of one Sub. It is from his fourth article on his blog, the original article is: .

      The data was obtained from the "Photons to Photons" website:

  2. But as I understand it the Photons to Photos method of calculating QE has two separate and cumulative errors and can yield numbers over 100%.


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