Thursday, April 26, 2018

Are All Sony Sensors Created Equal?

Basler publishes a nice white paper "Sensor Comparison: Are all IMXs equal?" comparing various Sony sensors in different families:

"EMVA1288 standard offers the measured value of the “absolute threshold value for sensitivity”. It states the average number of required photons so that the signal to noise ratio is exactly 1."


  1. It looks like the saturation capacity _per unit area_ have decreased from the first to the second generation, while the dark noise per unit area are almost unchanged. In my opinion that is a step backward.

    1. Maybe the saturation capacity is limited by FD. A smaller FD is for the low light imaging. If you want to take a picture under the sunshine, a larger FD is better (shot noise).

  2. Should compare to the latest/third generation (imx420).


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