Friday, April 20, 2018

SiOnyx Met its Kickstarter Goal in One Day

SiOnyx Kickstarter campaign seems to be quite successful and has met its goal in just 1 day:


  1. According to Crunchbase, SiOnyx has 31.1 million dollars of funding. Why did they need to raise 50k on kickstarter?

    1. There may be a few reasons:

      - Test customer demand and adjust their manufacturing capacity accordingly.

      - Convince their investors. If they are able to pre-sell more than 100 cameras a day, it might help them in their next round fundraising.

      - Test the demand vs price: they sell 100 cameras a day at 50% discount to MSRP, then, possibly, 100 cameras in 2 days at 40% discount, etc.

  2. Ah, the ones who demo low light capability with skiing in flood light ;-)

    BTW: The sensor size comparison picture compares 1" against 1/4". That must be a really low cost competitor... GoPro uses 1/2.3", I think.

    But the camera housing looks nice ;-)

  3. around since 2006, this co has done zero. former VCs walked away. so whats new ?

  4. Quickly meeting deliberately-low Kickstarter goals means little. The platform brings companies in contact with a sufficiently-large global pool of potential customers, that finding enough technology-hungry early adopters (AKA geeks) to fully subscribe a campaign like this is relatively easy. Scaling to hundreds of thousands of devices a year is quite a different matter.

    Kickstarter is now being used by companies as a pre-ordering system (instead of it's original goal which was for people to back the development of something that otherwise might never come to market), and to generate bragging rights to use to impress naive conventional investors.


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