Monday, April 09, 2018

Fast Camera Interviews

Samsung publishes an interview with Galaxy S9 fast camera design team:

"We were able to achieve a readout speed that is four times faster than conventional cameras thanks to a three-layer stacked image sensor that includes the CMOS image sensor itself, a fast readout circuit, and a dedicated dynamic random-access (DRAM) memory chip, which previously was not added to image sensors,” explained Dongsoo Kim. “Integrating DRAM allowed us to overcome obstacles such as speed limits between the sensor and application processor (AP) in a high-speed camera with 960fps features.

“It wasn’t easy testing out Motion Detection for Super Slow-mo, especially with people staring at us when we brought our laptops to these amusement parks and took videos of fast-moving rides. However, we were all committed to getting the feature exactly right,” said Dongsoo Kim.

“We also shot for two hours in the middle of a mountain range, on a freezing night, to complete the low-light camera function,” recalled Sungwook Choi.

Samsung also publishes a picture showing the 3-Layer structure - pixel layer on top, logic layer in the middle and DRAM on the bottom:

Photoblographer publishes Sony’s Mark Weir short explanation about fast full-frame stacked sensor used in A9 camera (dated by April 2017):

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  1. If having to go to an amusement park with a laptop is seen as hard work they should try it with kids sometime. Also it gets dark in places much warmer than a mountain range so I don't see the need to test it there either. Just seems odd to draw attention to this


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