Tuesday, April 10, 2018

DALSA Announces Camera with Sony Polarization Sensor

Sony polarization sensors get more and more customers. Teledyne DALSA introduces its Genie Nano camera built around the Sony Pregius 5.1MP polarized image sensor. The Genie Nano-M2450-Polarized model features a monochrome quad polarization filter, resolution of 2448 x 2048 pixels, and image capture of 35 fps.

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  1. well... once you have a camera that runs IMX250 you just solder the polarized sensor on it. So there is 0 additional hardware development required and I think most camera manufacturers will offer a camera with this sensor soon. The question A) is - will it find a lot of end customers? And question B) what software support do the end customers get on top of the raw data. Do the Dalsas, PointGreys, Lucids (and all the others that basically offer the same 'housing+power supply + "a bit of proprietary software to lock you in" on top of the same few image sensors) offer software support so that you get the direction and degree of polarization in each pixel? in which format will they offer this to you? let me guess - everyone will have a different format and toolset, most will give you raw data


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