Tuesday, April 10, 2018

TechInsights Reviews Samsung Galaxy S9 3-Layer Stacked Sensors

TechInsights compares Sony and Samsung 3-layer stacked sensors found in different version of Galaxy S9 smartphone:

Sony "IMX345 general structure is similar to the IMX400, the world’s first 3-layer stacked imager from the year-old Sony Xperia XZs:"

"In contrast to Sony’s custom-DRAM-in-the-middle wafer stack, Samsung has chosen to assemble its stack by micro-bumping a standard DRAM chip face-to-back on the ISP:"

Thanks to RF for the pointer!


  1. Hi Vladimir,

    I am having trouble finding the spectral or RGB relative (or QE) response for the Sony IMX345 and Samsung S5K2L3 sensor. Do you have any suggestions where I can look? Thanks!



    1. I'd guess you've already tried Samsung and Sony support, right? If refused, there is no other way, unless you are a large customer buying millions of sensors.


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