Thursday, April 19, 2018

Leonardo DRS Launches 10um Pixel Thermal Camera

PRNewswire: The pixel race goes on in microbolometric sensors. Leonardo DRS launches of its Tenum 640 thermal imager, the first uncooled 10um pixel thermal camera core for OEMs.

The Tenum 640 thermal camera module combines small pixel structure with its sensitive vanadium oxide micro-bolometer sensor and a 640 x 512 array. It provides exceptional LWIR imaging at up to 60fps. The high-resolution LWIR camera core features image contrast enhancement, called "ICE™ ", 24-bit RGB and YUV (4,2,2), at sensitivity less than 50 mK NETD.

"The Tenum 640 represents the most advanced, uncooled and cost-effective infrared sensor design available to OEM's today," said Shawn Black, VP and GM of the Leonardo DRS EO&IS business unit. "Our market-leading innovative technologies, such as the Tenum 640, continue to enable greater affordability while delivering uncompromising thermal imaging performance for our customers."


  1. 1.2W power dissipation in such a tiny package? At first I thought it was because of thermoelectric cooler, but it says above specifically "uncooled".
    WHY so much for so little?

  2. What is about image quality and diffraction limit with 10um pixel? What is f-number?

    1. At 8 micron thermal radiation f/1,0 with airy disk radi = pixel pitch
      At 14 micron thermal radiation f/0,6 with airy disk radi = pixel pitch


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