Thursday, December 06, 2018

CEA-Leti Demos Curved Sensor Technology

BusinessWire: CEA-Leti demonstrates its curved sensor technology, called Pixcurve, that requires fewer lens elements in digital cameras, shrinks camera size by half, and lowers costs – while improving image quality.

Pixcurve advantages:
  • Form Factor
    Reducing the number of lens elements in digital cameras from 10 to six reduces the size of the final compound lens by 60%. The overall length of the optical system also is shorter.
  • Improved Performance
    Curved image sensors reduce—and in some cases completely eliminate—optical aberrations like curvature of field and the vignetting effect. They also deliver increased brightness and a wider field of view.
  • Cost
    Reducing the number of lens elements and eliminating aspheric lens elements, which will be unnecessary, will lower the cost of systems integrating Pixcurve technology.
  • Assembly
    Fewer components means quicker and easier assembly—a major advantage for manufacturers.

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