Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Huawei Honor V20 Smartphone Features Rear ToF Camera

DeviceSpecifications: Huawei Honor V20 smartphone features Sony 48MP IMX586 image sensor combined with a rear 3D ToF camera. Apparently, the ToF camera is used for better AF, AR applications, and games:

Update: PRNewswire: "...rear camera is a TOF 3D camera, which makes the phone capable of creating a new dimension in photography and videography that brings greater usability and fun to users. It can calculate distance based upon the time-of-flight of a light signal, and has functions including depth sensing, skeletal tracking and real-time motion capture.

The TOF 3D camera can turn HONOR View20 into a motion-controlled gaming console, and allow you to play 3D motion games like never before. In addition, it can also let 3D characters dance following your gestures on your phone, and you can share these funny dancing videos with your friends.

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