Sunday, December 30, 2018

First ToF Imager from China

Wuhan, China-based Silicon Integrated Inc. unveils SIF2310 that it calls "The first back-illuminated area array ToF sensor in China."

The SIF2310 integrates:
  • HVGA (480x360) ToF pixel array
  • signal generator modulating the IR source
  • 12bit ADC
  • on-chip temperature sensor
  • logic control unit, high-speed clock
  • MIPI interface

The SIF2310 supports modulation frequencies up to 100MHz and output frame rates up to 240fps. With IR light source, SIF2310 can be used in face recognition, AR/VR, motion capture, 3D modeling, machine vision, and ADAS applications. The chip is available in a die or Glass-BGA package.

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