Tuesday, December 18, 2018

ToF Developers Conference

Espros Photonics announces ToF Developers Conference to be held in San Francisco on January 29–31, 2019:

"A successful design of a 3D TOF camera for example needs a deep understanding of the underlying optical physics - theoretical and practical. In addition, the behavioral model of the imaging system and an excellent understanding of the sensing artifacts in real applications is key knowhow. And further more, thermal management is an issue because these cameras have an active illumination, typically quite powerful. And, as a consequence,
eye-safety becomes an issue as well. A TOF camera consist of 9 functional building blocks which have to be understood and fine-tuned carefully to create a powerful but cost effective design.

So, many more disciplines than just electronics and software are in the game. It's not rocket science, but the relevant understanding of these 9 blocks is a must to know if someone gets the duty to design a 3D TOF camera

There is, at least to our knowledge, no engineering school which addresses TOF and LiDAR as an own discipline. We at ESPROS decided to fill the gap with a training program called TOF Developer Conference. The objective is to provide a solid theoretical background, a guideline to working implementations based on examples and practical work with TOF systems. Thus, the TOF Developer Conference shall become the enabler for electronics engineers (BS and MS in EE engineering) to design working TOF systems. It is ideally for engineers who are or will be, involved in the design of TOF system. We hope that our initiative helps to close the gap between the desire of TOF sensors to massively deployed TOF applications.

Course topics:

TOF history; TOF principles; main parts of a TOF camera; relevant optical physics; light detection; receiver physics; noise considerations; SNR; light emission and light sources; eye safety; light power budget calculation; optics basics; optical systems and key requirements; bringing it all together; electronics, PCB layout guidelines; power considerations; calibration and compensation; filtering computing power requirements; interference detection and suppression; artifacts and how to deal with them; practical lab experiments; Q&A; much more…

The next two ToF conferences are planned to be held in China: Shanghai on April 2, 2019 and Shenzhen on April 9, 2019.

Update: A picture from San Francisco conference:

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