Monday, December 03, 2018

Event-Driven Sensor in Structured Light 3D Camera paper "Event-Based Structured Light for Depth Reconstruction using Frequency Tagged Light Patterns" by T. Leroux, S.-H. Ieng, and R. Benosman from University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Sorbonne University proposes to use (apparently) Prophesee sensor for a structured light 3D camera. Although the paper appears a bit rushed to publication and needs some proofreading, the presented ideas look nice:

"This paper presents a new method for 3D depth estimation using the output of an asynchronous time driven image sensor. In association with a high speed Digital Light Processing projection system, our method achieves real-time reconstruction of 3D points cloud, up to several hundreds of hertz. Unlike state of the art methodology, we introduce a method that relies on the use of frequency tagged light pattern that make use of the high temporal resolution of event based sensors. This approach eases matching as each pattern unique frequency allow for any easy matching between displayed patterns and the event based sensor. Results are shown on the real scenes."

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