Wednesday, April 15, 2009

E2V on Low Light Imaging

Advanced Imaging Magazine published E2V's popular article on low-light image sensor basics, such as 3T vs 4T, BSI vs FSI, rolling shutter vs global shutter and electron multiplication CCDs. The article is illustrated by e2v sensors data.

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  1. Well interesting article. But a few remarks about BSI vs FSI :
    1/"the typical degree of quantum efficiency improvement offered by a BSI CMOS imager with a 2.7 µm x 2.7µm pixel is more than double that of the equivalent front side illuminated imager". This could be the case for very low performance FSI technology. In reality at this scale FSI remains very competitive (even better...) than BSI.
    2/"This is attributable to elimination of photon scattering and optical shielding effects, other side-effects of the metal layers." You still have diffraction effects due to circular aperture of microlenses on top of BSI sensors...
    3/"Further improvements in spectral response can be achieved by using broadband or band-pass optimized anti-reflective coatings on the surface of the sensor array." Same problem for FSI...


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