Friday, April 03, 2009

Omnivision to Supply 3MP and 5MP Sensors to Apple

Digitimes quotes a rumor that the next generation iPhone will feature 3.2MP sensor from Omnivision. Same rumor also says that Omnivision was also selected as a supplier for 5MP Apple product to appear later in 2009, which might be iPhone or the much-rumored Apple MID.

Update, April 15: Wired quotes another Digitimes article and analyst response on it, seems to confirm that Omnivision supplies 3MP sensor the next generation iPhone.


  1. iWonder who lost the Apple business? Oh, that's right, Micron lost the Apple business. iWonder why they never bothered to address the fate of Aptina on their conference call?

  2. Glad to learn OVT provides better image quality than competitors for Apple. Was only aware these guys are good for marketing unstable products (such as BSI...).
    iphone2 pictures were not so good, I would like to see if iphone3 gives better image quality...

  3. Funny that this story came out right around April 1st.

  4. I doubt you will prefer to the image quality of iphone2 rather than iphone3

    Apple might be good at image processing but really has less sense in choosing camera. Apple prefers to the cost only and that is what OV is good at.

  5. The post above most likely has some bias against OV.But market always right.
    Never hear the reason people purchase iphone is the price/quality.

  6. Has Apple only one image sensor manufacturer supplier for its iPhone3?
    If this is the case, this could be dangerous regarding current race to pixel miniaturization and technology break with back-side. What about reliability, real QE and crosstalk performances?
    "Market always right"... See what happens to automotive industry, I'm not so sure that such a thinking way can allow sustainable business!


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