Monday, April 06, 2009

Electronic Design Talks about Image Sensor Breakthroughs

Electronic Design reviews recent reports about new developments in image sensors. Nothing is new there, but it's nice to see everything in one article. In an inset the article says that CCDs continue to deliver better performance than CMOS sensors, a claim that many would disagree with.


  1. .... a claim that many would disagree with. But not everyone !!!!

  2. "When it comes to high-performance imaging in applications like professional photography, machine-vision inspection, high-definition TV, wireless security, scientific, and military/ aerospace applications, charge-coupled device (CCD) imagers are the only choice. They can deliver sensitivity levels far higher than those offered by CMOS imagers."

    This is just too funny to be taken seriously. Really, where do they get stuff like this? On a flyer from some CCD manufacturer?


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