Sunday, April 26, 2009

PhaseOne-DALSA Sensor+ Technology

It escaped my attention at the time, but almost a year ago PhaseOne announced so called "Sensor+" solution used in its medium format digital backs, co-developed with DALSA. From the first sight it appeared nothing more than a regular pixel binning used in may other CCDs. Upon closer examination, the order the binned pixels in Sensor+ is different. The details of it are shown on p. 3 in PhaseOne white paper.

The traditional binning schemes transform centers of binned pixels in a way shown below:

PhaseOne says that the binned pixel centers movement causes problems in the final picture and proposes another way of doing it:

It's all clear with greens, but I wonder how PhaseOne rotates red and blue binned pixels. The net result is an improvement in binned picture quality:


  1. the binned pixels drawings are inaccurate. there should be more Red and blue overlap in the corners and the green centers should be centered on the corners of the Red/blue.


  2. You are right, the overlap is about 1/3 instead of 1/2. Still, the problem exists and needs a solution.


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