Thursday, August 26, 2010

Albert Theuwissen Experiments with Course

Albert Theuwissen's image sensor courses used to be theoretical in a sense that students did not do any experiments. This is going to change soon. Here is the mail I got from Albert:

"I will run a new course (first time in November, in Barcelona) with hands-on measurements and evaluation in the class room. I bought 10 laptops, 10 cameras, 10 power supplies, 10 lightsources, etc. to allow the course participants to measure sensors and cameras during the course. Characteristics that will be measured are : dark current, DSNU, black reference, defects, RTS pixels, light sensitivity, PRNU, spectral response, conversion factor, pixel FPN, column FPN, row FPN, MTF and of course ......... PTC !

This brand new course will be unique in the world. Nobody else is offering such a hands-on course in the imaging field.

While we are at Albert's educational activity, Delft University published Cheng Ma's MS Thesis "Pixel ADC Design for Hybrid CMOS Image Sensor" where Albert Theuwissen is the supervisor.


  1. Thanks to ISW for announcing my new course.
    W.r.t. the M.Sc. thesis of Cheng Ma, I would like to mention that this work is done at IMEC Leuven (Belgium) under the daily guidance of dr. D. San Segundo Bello. I am just acting as the "univeristy promotor" of this work, my practical contribution is very minor.

  2. This gentleman is a real scientist !

  3. And a good teacher/mentor as well! His lectures are awe-inspiring, very lively. Best wishes to him with the new "hands-on" concept he has introduced.

  4. Yes, Albert is a good guy. He is objective and has an appreciation for others' work.


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